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Celeste Jones International distinguishes itself from other protocol and etiquette certification programs through extremely specialized fields that target the fastest-growing industries in the world. We direct their need to increase the bottom line through enhanced customer relations.

Celeste Jones International is the only accredited protocol institution that offers certification through individual customized coaching. Demographics, socioeconomics, and cultural profiles require slightly modified training and curriculum to be successful in different areas of the world. Success thrives with our boutique approach to learning and specialized assistance! We work with our clients extensively in the first year and then offer annual memberships that include:

  • Ongoing live customer support

  • Business evaluations to enable your company to excel more rapidly and attain financial goals

  • Curriculum updates

  • Marketing pointers

  • Monthly newsletters

  • Evolving training materials

  • On-line test formats for benchmarks and assessments

  • The option to be a part of our sister company, the Elementary Etiquette Society

We provide Internet exposure, access to our client base, and continued guidance and support. Our certification programs are designed specifically for each target market unlike other training programs that are broad and over-generalized.

A five-day master trainer certification course or a high impact two day workshop, to empower you to provide advice and training on the necessary skills required to be successful in today's competitive business arenas. As a consultant, you will become part of this fast-growing, profitable industry by learning to present up-to-date, dynamic seminars and briefings on how to promote and uphold your specialty field to increase the bottom line. As a trainer and consultant, you will raise the bar on business intelligence within your organization by integrating the school's instructionally designed curriculum with existing programs. Our course provides you with the skills needed to start or expand your business with:

  • Contemporary curriculum

  • Corresponding scripts

  • PowerPoint® slides

  • Illustrated workbooks

  • Training facilitation skills

Our certification programs will empower you to be successful in these exciting fields:

  • Youth Etiquette for pre-k through high school

  • Corporate Etiquette for university lectures or businesses striving to be more client centric thereby increasing revenue

  • Social Etiquette for entertaining, dating, cotillions, debutantes, and over-all refinement and image enhancement

  • International Protocol for training specific to individual countries and their customs, and business rituals

  • Service Excellence and Sales Effectiveness for restaurant and hospitality industries.

First Course: $5,900.00 (five-day 1:00-4:00p.m) or (two-day 9:30-5:00p.m.) Coordinate dates with our scheduling department to accommodate your busy schedule.

Includes: One half hour of consulting monthly for the first year, plus training materials, on-line testing modules, and the option to view as many training seminars presented by Celeste Jones International, EES, or The Elementary Etiquette Society within the first year after the completion of the Certification program. Additionally, we also offer the option to be a part of our team (inquire).

Additional Courses: $3,900.00 (taken within the first year of the first course.)

Click here now to have a live representative contact you for a complimentary assessment of the area of certification most profitable for you based on your location.

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