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"I must say, Celeste Jones, you make quite a presentation! Thanks for working with our business section of online news. Business etiquette is so powerful if utilized correctly."

Steve Forbes

New York


"Quality of product is one thing, but without service, it doesn't hold value. The Elementary Etiquette Society has maintained the importance of service excellence through excellent corporate training seminars and workshops."

Piero Ferrari of Ferrari Automotive

Modena, Italy


"I have seen the returns improve immensely since the Elementary Etiquette Society began heading up the protocol training for Avantair. Service does equal success!"

John Waters

CFO, Avantair

New Jersey


"Thanks for improving our image by training our call center operators. We have had many compliments from our clients about our improvement. The Elementary Etiquette Society sure made a difference and the employees seemed to really enjoy the training."

Dean Rotchin

CEO, Green Jets



"Students of all levels leave these Elementary Etiquette Society seminars with an acute proficiency in character development and communicative ability. These skills are often underestimated in their relation to an individual's success scholastically, professionally and personally."

Dr. Paul Jenkins

Recruiter for the University of Chicago MBA, University of Chicago



"A person's networking, corresponding, interviewing, entertaining and public relations ability is often underestimated! These skills are an integral part of hiring, promoting and rapidly excelling within the corporate infrastructure. Celeste Jones holds effective high impact speaking seminars." She also adds, "Jones provides excellent seminars to sharpen the interviewing and communication stamina of the professionals seeking employment or advancement in the competitive selection process in the work force."

Emily Hobbs

Lehman Brothers, Recruiting Manager

New York



"The Elementary Etiquette Society team is wonderful to work with. You keep it light but very high impacted. We still play some of the games taught at our customer service workshop. The gang is actually asking when you and your crew will be back. This was the best investment I have made for Neiman Marcus. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to expand out knowledge base on how to make clients feel special. It really has made a difference with the bottom line."

John Smithy

Neiman Marcus





"I  enjoyed the high impact interviewing and business etiquette seminar hosted by Elementary Etiquette Society at Columbia. I feel prepared that after graduation I will stand out from my peers and be able to impress any company I apply to above and beyond the paper. I actually have an interview coming up. I will keep in touch to let you and your team know how it goes."

Anna Lathem

Columbia University

New York


"I felt I needed to personally thank the Elementary Etiquette Society family for the interactive service excellence workshop. You guys found fun ways to help us learn and practice our new and refined customer service relations. I have actually been getting compliments about our front desk assistant, Becky, on her refined customer service skills. Celeste you are amazing!"

Kristen Patten

Nourishe Medi-Spa



"Celeste, you are doing such an important thing, we all need your seminars!"

Rosa Florienti

Piaggio Aircraft



"Our firm really enjoyed your workshop that your team from Elementary Etiquette Society did on client relations and how to deal with difficult people. We had a  lot of laughs while learning some very effective communication techniques. Our interpersonal office relations are much better now as well."

Steve Stein

Stein Ray and Harris Law Firm



"Jones, I was leery when you said revenues would go up even more based on our employees' customer service skills, however, I took your challenge. I have to admit I thought you were exaggerating. With that being said, I also cannot deny I have never been more satisfied with our employees. On the behalf of myself and all employees at Dillard's, we thank you for showing us our communication skills and the way we carry ourselves make a difference in the work force and our personal lives."

Elizabeth Roberts

Dillard's Department Store




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