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Business etiquette quiz - test your business etiquette. See how you would fare in real business situations by taking our business etiquette quiz. Social and business etiquette can be tricky, and making the right moves can make a big difference. Take this quiz and see how you fare in the following business situations. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

1. Your boss, Mr. Civility enters the room when you are meeting with an important client, Ms. Polite. You rise and say "Mr. Civility, I'd like you to meet Ms. Polite, our client from Pleasant-ville." Is this the proper introduction?

2. While attending a fund raiser, you meet the CEO of an important  Japanese corporation. After conversing, you give him your business card. Is this proper etiquette?

3. You're entering a limousine with a special client. You position yourself so the client is seated curbside. Is this proper etiquette?

4. You're hosting a dinner at a private club. You've pre-ordered for everyone and indicated where they may be seated. Is this proper etiquette?

5. A toast has been announced on your behalf. You nod your head, and say thank you, and take a sip of your drink. Is this proper etiquette?

6. You're in at a business function, and broth is served in a cup with no handles. To eat it you should:

A. Pick it up and drink it slowly
B. Use the spoon provided and scoop away
C. Eat half of it with a spoon and drink the remainder using two hands

7. You're at an important dinner celebration and champagne is served with the dessert. You must not drink champagne as it makes you act crazy, yet the host will be offering a toast which requires champagne. Do you:

A. Tell the server "no thank you"
B. Turn over your glass gracefully
C. Ask the waiter to pour sparkling water into your champagne glass instead
D. Refrain from speaking and allow the champagne to be poured

8. You're at a table in a country club for a corporate dinner. Midway through desert,  your cellular is alerting you to an important message you must tend to quickly. You excuse your self for a few minutes. Where do you place your napkin?

A. Take it with you
B. Fold and place it to the left  side of your plate
C. Loosely fold it and place it to the right side of your plate
D. Leave it on your chair

9. You're hosting a dinner party on the roof of an exclusive building. You have hired the best catering company in the city. Included are two other couples, and your most valuable client and his arm candy. You instruct the servers to:

A. Serve your girlfriend first
B. Serve your client's hottie first
C. Serve you and your girlfriend last

10. You're invited to a dinner and the invitation states "6:00 to 8:00 PM." You should arrive:

A. At 6:00 PM
B. Anytime between 6:00 PM and 6:10 PM
C. Between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM
D. Go a little early and then it is acceptable to leave a little early

11. You're greeting or saying good-bye to someone. When Is the proper time to shake their hand?

A. When you're introduced
B. In their residence
C. In their office lobby
D. Before they announce their last name
E. When you say farewell

12. You're talking with a group of five potential clients. Do you make eye contact with:

A. Just the person to whom you're speaking  with?
B. Each of the five people, moving your eye contact from one to another?
C. No one particular person (not looking directly into any one's eyes) so as not to show favoritism?

13. The waiter's coming toward you to serve wine. You don't want any. You cup the  glass with the left hand over the right. Is this the proper etiquette?

14. When you greet a visitor in your office, do you:

A. Say nothing and let him sit where ever he wants?
B. Direct him where to be seated?
C. Say "Just have a seat where ever your heart desires. "

15. You're invited to casual dinner in a private home. When  is it appropriate to take your napkin from the table and place it on your lap?

A. Open it immediately to show your perfect etiquette.
B. Wait for the host to take his napkin before taking yours?
C. Wait for the oldest person at the table to take his?
D. Wait for the acknowledged head of the table to take hers before taking yours?

E. Follow the blessing then observe the host and follow suit.

16. You're scheduled to meet a business associate for a negotiation lunch and you arrive a twenty minutes ahead of schedule to find the ideal table. 40 minutes later your associate still hasn't arrived. Do you:

A. Order appetizers and eat?
B. Continue waiting  patiently?
C. 15 minutes after the scheduled meeting call your associate?
D. 5 minutes after the scheduled meeting text  your associate?

17. You've forgotten a lunch with a business associate. You feel terrible and know she's upset. Do you:

A. Write an email of apology?
B. Send flowers?
C. Keep quiet and hope she forgets about it?
D. Call and set up another appointment?

18. The proper place to wear a name tag is on the:
A. Right lapel area
B. Left lapel area
C. It is not proper to wear a name tag

19. You are on a business telephone call speaking to your customer, Sue Smith. It is your first time speaking to her, it is proper to address her as:
A. Sue
B. Ms. Smith
C. Mrs. Smith
D. Miss. Smith

20. According to cell phone etiquette, if you are having a business conversation in person with someone and your cell phone rings, you should:
A. Stop your conversation and answer the phone
B. Let the voice mail get it
C. Excuse yourself and answer the phone

21. Someone called your office when you were out and left a message. How long do you have to return the call before it is considered rude?
A. 24 hours
B. 48 hours
C. Whenever you return
D. There is no time frame

22. You are introducing two people in business; one person is a manager and other is a vice president - who is introduced to whom?
A. The manager to the vice president
B. The vice president to the manager
C. Either way, it does not matter in business

23. You have invited a guest to have lunch. Who picks the restaurant?
A. The host picks the restaurant
B. The guest should be asked which restaurant he prefers
C. Both the host and the guest should decide together

24. Two people in business are being introduced. Technically, who should extend his/her hand first?
A. The person of lesser authority
B. The person of greater authority
C. Either way, it does not matter in business

25. The host at a business dinner makes a toast to you, do you:
A. Raise your glass and drink with everyone else
B. Not touch your glass while everyone else drinks
C. Return the toast
D. Both B and C

26. While dining at a restaurant, you leave the table to use the restroom. What do you do with your napkin?
A. Fold the napkin and place it on the table to the left of the plate
B. Place the napkin on the seat of the chair
C. Take the napkin with you

27. When handing out your business card, it is acceptable to:
A. Give it during a meal
B. Pass it out to many people at one time
C. Give out your card without someone asking for it first
D. None of the above

Answers to Business Etiquette Quiz. Now lets see how you did...

1. No. Introduce the more important person first. You should address your client and say "Ms. Polite, I'd like you to meet our Vice President of Development, Mr. Civility." (Alternative answer-introduce the client as the more important person!)
2. No. In Japan (unlike in the United States or the UK), business cards are taken as a serious reflection of their owner and are exchanged with great ceremony. Researching the importance of business cards in various cultures or countries can help in avoiding embarrassing business blunders.
3. Yes. When your client steps out of the car, (s)he will be on the curbside and therefore won't have to deal with getting out in traffic or sliding across the seat.
4. Yes. You are the host after-all
5. No. If you raise your glass or drink, then you're toasting yourself.
6. B. It's not a cup of tea, for goodness sake, and avoid sipping.
7. D. It's more polite not to call attention to the fact that you can't drink champagne.
8. D. Leave it on your chair. It goes on the table when you leave the table and do not plan on returning. don't put it on the table.
9. B and C. Ladies first, guests before other ladies, or more important before less important (business wise)
10. A, B, or C. It's terribly impolite to arrive early.
11. A, B, C, D, and E. In other words, it's rarely improper to shake someones hand. Make sure you shake web to web.
12. B. Make eye contact with all of the people that you're having with which you are having a conversation.
13. No. Never announce a dislike or preference against, of your host's chosen wine or champagne, etc..
14. B. Indicating where your guest should sit will make him feel more comfortable.
15. E.
16. A. After you've waited 15 minutes and tried to call and text, enjoy. You need to eat anyway.
17. D. Call and set up another appointment. And don't forget to express sincere regret for your error.

18. A. The right lapel, as it is in the line of vision as it follows up from the handshake.
19. B. A ringing cell phone does not take precedence over an in-person conversation, unless it is an emergency.
20. A. It is considered to be rude to return a call after 24 hours of receiving a business call. Although this may sometimes be inevitable, you may leave a message of your return on your voice mail or apologize for returning the call late.
21. A. The etiquette of the introduction states that you introduce lesser authority to greater authority.
22. A. The etiquette of the introduction states that you introduce lesser authority to greater authority.
23. A. The host is correct in picking the restaurant.
24. B. It is correct for the person of greater authority to extend his/her hand first. If he/she does not know to, then go ahead and extend yours.
25. D. When a toast is made to you, do not drink to yourself. However, after everyone has drunk, you then raise your glass and return the toast to the host, at which time you can drink.
26. B. If you have to leave the table during a meal, the napkin is placed on the chair.
27. D. None are correct.

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