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The Elementary Etiquette Society's etiquette training for Yacht crews etiquette coachingyacht crew is designed to provide you and your guests with the best possible service. Your crew is a reflection of you. Why risk entertaining a major client on your yacht if the service is not consistent, flawless, and exceptional? You 

Yacht crews service trainingare constantly investing a lot of time and money into your luxurious boat, so why wouldn't you make sure that your precious time is spent hassle-free? With the Elementary Etiquette Society on board, you'll be able to enjoy your time at sea to the utmost extent. Does your staff seem to overstep their boundaries? Is the dining presentation lacking in elegance? Is service timing up to par? If time is precious to you, indulge in pristine service.

The Elementary Etiquette Society believes that service fit for royalty is the only Yacht crews etiquette trainingacceptable service. Do not delay in calling us to book a protocol training workshop for your crew. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the service you deserve!

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