The Elementary Etiquette Society provides expert etiquette training to your residential staff. Did you find your chef, housekeeper, driver,  butler, nanny or estate manager from a fine placement agency and think that they would already be trained in proper protocol?

residential staff training

While most agencies claim to perform background checks and screenings, they do not spend the necessary time needed to equip their constitutes with ample training in etiquette and protocol for the correct way to treat guests, handle conflicts, word choice, diction, entertaining, table presentation, telephones, and other formalities that reflect on your image and reputation.

Increase household efficiency with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Create positive morale with incentives to promote accountability and consistency. It would be Elementary Etiquette Society's pleasure to train your staff in proper protocol to provide you with the service and the image that you deserve. After all, if you are going to have staff, then why not have them trained in proper etiquette?

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