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February 12, 2010

Celeste Jones quizzes first-fourth graders on proper etiquette.

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February, 2010

Elementary Etiquette Society of the Palm Beaches to host Munchkin Manners Dinner Social.

The Elementary Etiquette Society of the Palm Beaches will hold a Munchkin Manners Dinner Social for children in first through fourth grades...

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January, 2010 pupils at Rosarian Academy enjoyed a visit last month from local etiquette expert and author Celeste Jones.

Children usually are told to mind their manners. To that end, lower school pupils at Rosarian Academy enjoyed a visit last month from local etiquette expert and author Celeste Jones....

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February, 27, 2009

Seminole Princess Hopefuls Attend Etiquette Workshop

Candidates for the Seminole Princess crown attended the third in a series of workshos at the Clewiston Inn on Feb. 7 to learn etiquette skills. The event was sponsored by the Princess Committee with Mercedes Osceola-Hahn as coordinator.

Celeste jones of the Elementary Etiquette Society conducted the group study...


January, 2008

Rosarian Academy shares two day visit from author and etiquette guru Celeste Jones

Local author and etiquette guru Celeste Jones, founder and director of the Palm Beach based Elementary Etiquette Society, recently visited Rosarian Academy in West Palm Beach...

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December, 2008

Rosarian Academy shares two day visit from author and etiquette guru Celeste Jones

Local author and etiquette guru Celeste Jones, founder and director of the Palm Beach based Elementary Etiquette Society, recently visited Rosarian Academy in West Palm Beach...

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August, 2006

White Glove Ball

Kids Giving Back to Kids a nonprofit organization promoting community service and social graces, celebrating their graduation...


May 30, 2006

Celeste writes: Okay, so you loathe the ex, but you have two kids together. You dread the kid exchange and the intermittent phone calls. You have someone else in your life, or perhaps you'd like to, except that you feel consumed by your past. Here are some tips to minimize conflict according to divorcees and marital counselors.

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December, 2005

Season of Socials benefitting "Kids Giving Back to Kids"


December 23, 2005

Following the rules of etiquette can have far reaching effects - and be felt at home, too.

"People associate etiquette with rigid table manners, so they think of them as being old-fashioned," Palm Beacher Celeste Jones says.
"But it's about how you react and interact, how you articulate and communicate, how you present yourself through your dress, how you sit - and all your body language. That's how people's impressions of you are formed and how they judge you."

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July 11, 2005

They call her Miss Manners. "Miss Manners, can I be excused to use the restroom?" asks a 7-year-old boy, his coat fitting perfectly over his starched, button-down shirt and tie. "Yes, but you don't have to tell us where you're going," says Celeste Jones, founder and instructor of the Palm Beach Elementary Etiquette Society...


May 8, 2005

"Good Manners for a good cause"
At a "royal kingdom jubilee" from 10a.m. to 11 a.m. on May 14, Jones will spend an hour teaching four to seven year olds the basics in good manners, using puppets and games so the little tykes don't even realize they are actually (gasp!) learning something...Every dime of the fee goes to the local chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation...


May 4, 2005

"Etiquette expert Celeste Jones is hired by MTV for Show "Made" to coach teen with dream to be prom queen..."


April 30, 2005

"Author and etiquette coach Celeste Jones of Palm Beach teaches Brittany Fontaine of West Palm Beach how to walk in heels. Jones advised the teen to "sleep in those shoes" to prepare for next week's MTV filming."


December 4, 2004

"New Millennium Manners" by Celeste Jones show children how to properly behave in various social settings.


October 15, 2004

"The season's first social skills lesson and dance, sponsored by the society and the Assembly of Palm Beach, had a Halloween theme."


July 2, 2004

Seminoles Get Schooled in Proper Etiquette at the Hard Rock Hotel

Celeste Jones, founder and directress of the Elementary Etiquette Society in Palm Beach, FL believes most children do not exercise proper etiquette skills as much as they should...


April, 2004

Adopt-A-Family Receives "Munchkin Manners' Donation"

Adopt-A-Family of the Palm Beaches was recently presented with a donation gathered by the children attending the "Munchkin Manners" classes.


December 7, 2003

"Some polite pointers on poise: Class teaches children etiquette"

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December 7, 2003

"A Class on Class", "Manners 101"
"Don't think of the utensils as spoons and forks", explain the teachers. "Think of them as princes and princesses who live in a wonderful magical kingdom called the table."


December 7, 2003

One of Jones' trade-marked teaching methods includes "wanding", where kids can pick up a colorful plastic wand off the table and tap a fellow student who commits a breach of etiquette.


December 4, 2003

Kids mind their manners at 6-course dinner bash... "Manners are a lost art, and people who use their manners stand out," said Celeste Jones, director of the Elementary Etiquette Society.


December 3, 2003

Celeste Jones presents a formal six course dinner for 100 children at the prestigious Palm Beach Restaurant, Cafe L'Europe.


May 19, 2003

"Adopt-A-Family" receives "Munchkin Manners" donation...


February 12, 2003

A Class On Class

PALM BEACH - Fifteen-year-old Ashley Jones looks at the table set exquisitely for a six-course meal and instead of seeing an evening of awkward silence and social faux pas, she...


June 25, 2002

Celeste Jones, school director, said the 2000's are swinging back to traditionalism. "Many people are willing to incur the investment in etiquette because they realize it has such long lasting effects on the future of their child by improving his or hers communication skills and self-confidence, " Jones said.


January 12, 2002

Etiquette is elementary at Delray class

Even Miss Manners would be proud of these youngsters.

When Boca Raton mom Patrica Gelsen enrolled son Bradford, 9, in the Contemporary Cotillion etiquette program, she  was just hoping he would learn how to avoid dropping food on his shirt during dinner...


September 2002

(Segment on Social Skill Workshops for Kids at five star restaurant La Vielle Maison)
"It's really not acceptable to express any sort of dislike for the gift. Immediate family is the exception to that rule", Jones says. "Even then, however, it's still considered rude to express your dislike by hurling the gift, especially when you're aiming directly at the giver. Save this for your next therapy session."


August/September 2001

Minding Your Back-To-School Manners

Q: My shy five year old is starting kindergarten; do you have any suggestions for ways to help her feel more comfortable when she meets new people?


April 7, 2001

Class shows little miss, mister manners

Does your kid think "table manners" means not eating the French fries just retrieved through the nose?

You might just want to give Celeste Jones a call...


December 2000

Celeste Jones taught a four-week etiquette class last fall and it was well received, so the center accepted Jones' offer to teach three 10-week classes: Munchkin Manners, Party Makers and Creative Decorating. Jones is the owner of the Elementary Etiquette Society of Palm Beach.


Delray Thursday Times, September 23, 1999

Children learn the value of reading from Celeste Jones during festivities commemorating literacy month at the Delray Mall. Jones, of Delray Beach, read books and taught the youngsters how to make book covers. Children learned library skills and etiquette during the event.


Delray Monday Times, March 29, 1999

"Jones didn't inherit a family etiquette business. Rather, the business sprouted out of what she saw as a social need."
"This began about five years ago. I was asked to rewrite (a modeling) school's curriculum and I saw a need to include etiquette. I thought it was a lost art. After I rewrote the curriculum, I started getting phone calls from parents asking for instruction in charm and poise. Before I knew it, I was instructing pageant contestants, models, and people who just wanted to improve their image," said Jones.


Wednesday July 8, 1998

"If you interact with people in a positive manner, people will receive you better, you'll be more readily accepted, you'll have more friends and be more popular," said Celeste Jones.
The class was held at La Vieille Maison, arguably one of the finest, fanciest French restaurants in the state.


Fall/Winter, 1997-98

La Vieille Maison, five star restaurant quarterly review, Boca Raton, Florida
"...With children, [Jones says that] the idea is to create positive habits now so that you don't have to break bad habits later. With most parents working these days, good manners are all too often omitted from daily routines."


July 6, 1994

Taste Of Grace

Learning you ABC's is one thing, but if you want to get ahead you had better know those P's and Q's.


The News, June 28, 1994

Today's dinner special: Genteelness

Gayle olchin said she decided it was time for her children to learn how to do things the right way, so she paid $175 for her 10-year-old daughter to attend etiquette school...


March 29, 1993

Mind Over Manners

Celeste Jones of Etiquette, Etc. Instructs her young pupils, Vaidehi, Naryar, Lisa Stankee and Stephinie Mendiguren in the fine art of etiquette.


Delray Monday Times, March 29, 1993

Young or old, etiquette is a skill that lasts a lifetime

"Would you guys please do what you're supposed to do before we eat." ,says the teacher...

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