Youth Testimonials

"We had our six-year-old at our Ambassadorial residence in Paris where correct table manners for small children mattered. This story is a terrific way for those little darlings to learn about that confusing topic, table settings."

Amy Bondurant

Former U.S. Ambassador OECD

Paris, France


"This is a delightful and witty story that reinforces how to set the table for preschoolers. I highly recommend this book because it is fun, creative, and educational."

Kelly Dunn

Channel 5

NBC News


"Ms. Jones has developed a very creative way of teaching young children the table manners that will benefit them socially throughout their lifetimes."

Myles Cooley, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist


"As an educator and the founder of the Discovery Dayschool pre-school, proper manners are one of the most important elements of a youngster's foundation of skills for a lifetime of success. I highly recommend this book for three-year-olds and older!"

Dora Kino

Founder and Director of Discovery Dayschool


"Kids love this little tale! Jones wrote a creative story that engages children and teachers them an important life skill."

Toni May

South Florida Today Show,



I could not stand nor understand why Johnny had such a lack of manners, when our family is so proper. The best decision I made was enrolling him in the Munchkin Manners Dinner Socials. He and his brother Jack had a blast and really learned a lot!

Betsy Franklin

Atlanta, Georgia


I am a firm believer that children need to be taught manners especially today. The Elementary Etiquette Society  team more than just "got the job done" as other etiquette schools have promised. The children enjoy a highly energetic night filled with games, prizes, and so much more. My three girls Anna, Ashley, and Alexa were non-stop talking about the Munchkin Manners' program. The correct me all the time now. I love it! I cannot wait until you have another program in L.A. The girls and I can't wait. I heard you guys have a Munchkin Manners camp at the Breakers...we may have to fly to you.

Annette Lovelace

Beverly Hills, California


We love all the dinner socials every season. The themes are adorable. The kids enjoy it so much and have really improved their manners! David skipped baseball practice for the last one, and you know how he is about his baseball. I have started planning our vacations around your socials because the children get so upset at the thought of missing one. Keep up the wonderful work. We will see you soon.

Michelle Horowitz

Miami, Florida


Martin has come out of his shell so much since start his one-on-one lesson with Ms. Blair. For anyone that has a shy child I recommend doing the private lesson. If your child is anything like Martin, at first you will think, "gosh, he won't even say hello." But the teachers understand they won't at first. By the end you will have yourself questioning why you didn't start with this option months  ago.

Lilly Brian

Palm Beach, Florida


The Elementary Etiquette Society teachers are amazing! Everyone that we have met has been so nice and professional. You have done wonders with the private coaching I am so happy we gave it a try. With Mike being so shy, private coaching is so much better to start with. His self -confidence has soared! His teachers at school have even commented about his improvement. See you this week.

Christina Smith

Boca Raton, Florida

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