CotillianFor centuries, cotillions have been a significant key in developing social skills and connections, while learning to dance and socialize. Cotillions were developed in the 1700’s by the French, by means of creating a ‘social dance’ for youth and adults alike, and  Cotillian Coachingto this day, it still stands as a wonderful tool in the world of socializing and etiquette.The Elementary Etiquette Society hosts cotillions, specializing in youth, for this very purpose.

Cotillions provide the opportunity for children and young adults to meet new people, learn the fine art of socializing and communication, raise self-confidence, learn many classic dances, and become even more well-mannered.

 Additionally, we offer programs for girls to learn proper poise and refinement. Acting with grace is a fundamental skill that we instill in girls. The skills we teach your daughters will last them a lifetime. 

We have hosted cotillions for events such as Kids Giving Back To Kids at Mar A Lago, Finer Points at Pine Crest School, the Palm BeachCotillian for Children Cotillion at the Beach Club, Cotillion at Old School  Square in Delray Beach, many cotillions on the  North Shore of Chicago, and many more on the East coast. Additionally, we are able to do private sessions with you or your child. We formulate our curriculum around individual requests.

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Some Current and Previous Events:

What: Cotillion "Finer Points"

Where: Pine Crest School, Boca Raton FL

When: 2013


What: Cotillion for children ages 5-12

Where: Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach FL

When: April 9th, 2012


What: Cotillion for children ages 5-12

Where: Old School Square, Delray Beach FL

When: February 3rd, 2012


What: Poise and finishing/refinement for girls ages 6-12 & 13-18

Where: The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach FL

When: December 15th, 2011 

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