The "coming out" to society is a tradition that has been respected by high-society families for hundreds of years. A young lady has her début when her family is ready to present her to society. Debutantes are usually recommended by a distinguished committee or sponsored by an established member of élite society.  A formal white tie gala or ball is thrown for the début.

In American society, this ball or gala is usually thrown to honor a charity or cause. Suzanne Tufts, a New York consultant to nonprofit organizations, believes that debutantes are "a beautiful and meaningful coming-of-age ceremony in an increasingly global world." In today's society, a début is no longer to put your daughter on the marriage market as was in earlier times, but instead creates a respectable reputation for one's family and the opportunity for social networking among other families.

To properly present your child, certain procedures and protocol must be followed.  The Elementary Etiquette Society has high expertise in the protocol of débuts, having held cotillions in Palm Beach and Boca Raton, teaching poise, grace, dancing, and international etiquette. The Elementary Etiquette Society has worked with the International Debutante Society of New York.


Debutante - Comming Out Party

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