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The Elementary Etiquette Society offers world-class corporate etiquette training and classes throughout the US. Celeste Jones, corporate etiquette expert and founder of the Elementary Etiquette Society,  specializes in business etiquette training and corporate etiquette training. The school offers conglomerates  expert etiquette advice on how to provide the best service, better client relations, and excellent presentation skills.

Consequently, this advice increases sales effectiveness for fine establishments, private aviation, wealth management, five star resorts, restaurants, hotels, businesses and corporations seeking expert etiquette training to increase the bottom line.


Modules are tailored to specific needs and goals of each industry. They can be created to accommodate each organization's detailed requirements for increasing their sales effectiveness. Some examples of  requests include:

  • Customer service skills
  • Entertaining clients
  • Business networking
  • Interviewing strategies
  • Communication skills
  • Interviewing strategies
  • Proper business attire
  • Presentation skills
  • Dining
  • High impact speaking
  • Increased sales ability

Along with these important etiquette skills, some teams may be interested in:

  • Sales effectiveness
  • Communication skills
  • Professional demeanor
  • Presentation and branding 


Elementary Etiquette Society provides a plethora of workshops which all increase the bottom-line with higher revenues and better financial fortitude. Elementary Etiquette Society provides the knowledge and training to clients to gain enhanced morale, and the tools to provide a better workplace psychologically, emotionally, and physiologically. Consequently, this equates to happier employees, and thereby motivating employees to increased output and  greater success financially.  Our high impact workshops or seminars  enable organizations to cost-effectively deliver a competitively differentiated customer service experience through enhanced business etiquette.

Corporate Etiquette



Elementary Etiquette Society brings a unique perspective to this changing and growing new millennium that is consumed by technological advances and the relaxed mentality toward service and the attention to detail, consistency, accountability, reliability, and formality. These qualities are highly pursued and desired by clientele and consumers. 


Stand apart from your competitors with superb business etiquette and unsurpassed service excellence.

For more information about corporate etiquette training and classes  or business leadership, sales and service training workshops call us at (561) 582-8222 or contact us through our online contact form.


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