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Children's Manners

Child's Manners


Succeeding in life requires more than succeeding in the classroom, it also requires honing skills with people to the highest degree possible.


Give your child the gift of enhanced self-confidence and emotional intelligence to interview like a professional, utilize strong social skills, dine like a diplomat and excel in all social settings from mealtime to dances!

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The Elementary Etiquette Society, Chicago and across the US, teaches character development classes to children of all ages. Founded by Celeste Jones, the Elementary Etiquette Society educates youth with social graces to promote ultimate success.

We are proud to present our well known etiquette classes for children in Chicago, Il. If you and your family reside in Chicago and you'd like to enroll your child or children between the ages of 3-5 or older in one of the best classes around for helping your child develop self esteem and social manners, The Etiquette Society and Celeste Jones welcomes you to our etiquette classes for kids of Chicago and it's surrounding areas.

Celeste Jones has been working with children to help their self esteem through the learning of manners and etiquette. Children between the ages of 3-5 really enjoy and absorb these types of lessons, as they love to interact with others. They are naturally inquisitive and friendly at this age, and pick things up very quickly.

A young child who learns about etiquette during his or her formative years will retain what he/she learns and become a better person for a lifetime. What a great opportunity you have if you are thinking of putting your youngster into these classes.

Sometimes children misbehave because they don't know any better or they are seeking attention. Celeste Jones and her staff will work with your child on an individual bases to ensure that he or she understands the benefits of proper behavior.

If you have small children in the Chicago area, and you are interested in knowing more about Celeste Jones and her courses, classes, and coaching for children, call the number above or use our easy contact form to have us give you a call.



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What are manners all about, and how are they taught?

Manners are not always intuitive or about common sense. Most children need some help with learning proper manners. A fun, interesting, and exciting interactive classroom setting is perfect for teaching manners to children. Parents often do not have time to spend teaching their children manners. Time together with children should be enjoyable for all. Parents understandably do not want to be in teacher/administrator mode all the time when with their children. Celeste Jones' classes are not only a fun way for kid to learn manners, but they are taught in a friendly and professional manner. You will be amazed at how quickly your children pick up and learn proper social behavior and manners with classes from Elementary Etiquette Society.


Our approach

The Elementary Etiquette Society want you to rest assured that when your child is in one of our classes, he or she is always in good hands. Our flawless reputation for teaching Etiquette to children spans decades and speaks for itself. Recommendations, references, and endorsements can be provided upon request.


Social Skills for Children

Good manners are guaranteed to boost your child's self-confidence and their ability to interact with a variety of people in different situations.  Programs encourage self respect, respect for others, cultural awareness, anti-bullying, empathy, giving back to the community, integrity, civility and human interaction tools.



Social Skills



Elementary Etiquette Society's mission is to engage youth to gain a better self-image by establishing a solid foundation of knowledge in everyday interactions.



Social PartyOur programs are high-impact and effective in maximizing each child's ability to succeed. 

We kindly encourage you to view the multiple tabs under "Youth" in the main toolbar, explaining each offering in detail.

Children's Manners



The Elementary Etiquette Society offers many etiquette programs for children as they relate to school interviewing skills, conversational/presentational skills, table and party manners, social skills, increased self-image, and better posture/poise.

Allow the Elementary Etiquette Society to design a custom curriculum to suit your youth's interests or needs. 

Click to learn the wiktionary definition of etiquette.





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Child Manners

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