Family Etiquette Coaching

 The Elementary Etiquette Society in Chicago and across the US offers families across the country private coaching on many aspects that contribute to an impeccable reputation and image. Elementary Etiquette Society creates fun ways to reinforce respect, everyday courtesies, compassion, empathy, good manners and table etiquette. Families bond together while enjoying the benefits of having the Elementary Etiquette Society promote life skills. Some families elect to just have their children participate and other elect to participate during the lessons. Either way the Elementary Etiquette Society will facilitate good behavior so parents are able to enjoy coming home.




The Elementary Etiquette  Society covers topics such as but not  limited to: 

private club etiquette, everyday modern courtesies, over coming shyness, behavioral issues, proper gifts, thank-you notes, tennis, squash, racketball and golf etiquette, sportsmanship, equestrian events,

Family Etiquettepresentation skills, reputation, international interactions or traveling, exclusive events with political figures, and other V.I.P. parties, sporting events, premier showings, matches, & other situations that put your family in the spotlight. The Elementary Etiquette Society offers Munchkin Manner, Finer Point and other one-on-one coaching designed to accomodate specific requests.







Family Reunion CoachingDo you have a family reunion approaching? Or perhaps a work-related event that includes the entire family? Gain an advantage and climb the corporate ladder more expeditiously by maintaining a refined and highly desirable reflection.

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