Dinner Engagement Etiquette

 You only get once chance for a first impression.

Knowledge=Power=Success. Do you have an important dinner engagement  in the near future? Or perhaps a special social gathering, or a person to impress with impeccable dating etiquette?  Exceed expectations in any situation, socially or professionally with our help. Competition is tough and our evolving world is flooded with over-qualified individuals seeking business opportunities and social advantages. Stand out and be remembered for your confident and self-assured image and refined demeanor by fine tuning your etiquette skills with the Elementary Etiquette Society in Palm Beach County and nationwide.

Modules are tailored to specific needs and goals of each individual and can be created to accommodate each of your detailed requirements.

From the very beginning, and from that very first impression, personal etiquette harbors success. In difficult and important situations, such as an interview, entertaining potential clients, or just making a statement, knowing what to do and how to speak with eloquence, as well as your overall presentation, will  contribute to creating a high-impact image. This will open more doors, which will lead to better  and more opportunities.Workplace Etiquette

The Elementary Etiquette Society will guide individuals through the corporate world by giving them training on how to have better sales effectiveness, more enhanced communication skills and to increase client relations.

Business etiquette is important in the workplace while socializing and networking. Etiquette coaching is available for sports outings such as golf, polo, croquet, and tennis. Communication skills, word choice, body language, and attire are just a few important keys to success. Be prepared for invitations that suggest business, casual, or cocktail attire. Stay attuned to geographical variances, generational differences, and how demographics play a major role in utilizing situational management.

Social OutingPublic appearances have a tendency to make or break a person. Make sure you have the right etiquette skills to be successful. Presentation, poise, and social graces are a must. The Elementary Etiquette Society coaches adults on the proper etiquette of these topics and more.


Proper etiquette at home is an important skill as well. Children need education of social skills to enhance self-confidence and self -esteem. Perhaps Elementary Etiquette Society can coach their caretaker to reinforce table etiquette to prepare them for outings and other important occasions. For more information on these topics and others, please contact us at:

(561) 582-8222.

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