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Private Etiquette Coaching


The skills that got you where you are today are not the skills to get you where you want to go tomorrow. One-on-one high impact executive coaching tailored to individuals business objectives and goals will assist in getting an edge on the competition. Stand out and give a strong presence with refined people tools. Brand your image and maintain a high impact image with the Elementary Etiquette Society in Chicago and the US. Alpha professionals seeking number one and to be the best in your field, contact Elementary Etiquette Society for coaching now.





Elegant Affair Coaching


Elementary Etiquette Society in Chicago and across the states assists couples to work together to excel professionally. Coaching to win and to reinforce business relationships that make a difference. Entertain with confidence and the attention to detail that seals the deal. Learn the art of social skills as a team to impress the best. Call now to arrange your coaching session and be the most powerful couple in town.





Interview Etiquette

Hire the Elementary Etiquette Society to prepare for your future with an impeccable interview. If its your first career out of school or if you are a corporate executive in a fortune 500 company, we aim to impress.

Gain better presentation skills for publicity by enhancing your image and branding with customized training one-on-one with the Elementary Etiquette Society, call now in Chicago 443-362-6262.






 We offer adult coaching on:

  • Communication Effectiveness

  • People Tools

  • Power Presentations

    Social Etiquette

  • Interviewing Globally

  • Corporate Protocol

  • Business and Social Networking

  • Cultural Intelligence

  • Continental and European Dining Skills

  • International Etiquette

Contact us today for information on our coaching sessions.

Social Affair Etiquette

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