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Holiday Manners For The Parking Lot


Holiday Manners For The Parking Lot


With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in full swing, the parking lot sees a lot of action. Here are some manners to help make the mad rush of finding the perfect parking space a more courteous and jolly experience.


Parking Manner #1: If another driver is waiting for your spot as you approach your car to leave, motion the universal hand signal that you know they are waiting, nod, smile and move your car.


Parking Manner #2: Refrain from using obscenities. Although you may feel another driver was rude and deserves the finger, showing grace demonstrates class, prevents igniting aggression from the other driver, and sets a good example for children.

Parking Manner #3: If someone motions or yells an obscenity to you, wave and smile.

Parking Manner #4: If someone is behind you in the parking lot and you do not plan on moving, roll your window down and motion for them to go around.

Parking Manner #5: Avoid honking the horn unless it's necessary to insure safe driving.

Parking Manner #6: Use your turn signal. Always.

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Business Lunch Etiquette (Part 3)

Never announce that you have to go to the bathroom...too much information and people would prefer not to have that visual. Instead say, "Excuse me a moment please." Then place the napkin on the chair and get up to the right.

Upon returning, sit down on the left side of the chair. If your guest or host is female and is returning to the table, then gentleman, business or not, do a slight gesture of standing out of courtesy.

Does desert tempt you? Well hold the fork and refrain from ordering unless of course your host is indulging. If the host asks if you would like to split a desert then just say yes! Its good baloney. Don't be a bore, go for it! Eating alone isn't fun.

When the dessert arrives ask for an additional plate. Split the dessert before tasting. Saliva these days isn't the best thing to share (in this circumstance at least.)

When the check comes, try to pay the tab even if you are the guest. It just looks nice. Of course the host will not allow it, but at least try.


One more tip, never use a tooth pick at the table to jar out food bits from your teeth. Ick! Who wants to see this, yuck. If you must, excuse your self from the table and do this in privacy.

Thank the host and follow up with an email within 24 hours. High light the food and or ambiance, as well as business discussed.


Good luck.

Holiday Dating Manners For Guys


Holiday Dating Manners For Guys


Dating Manner 1: Ask your date out well in advance, at least three days notice or more (ask Tuesday for a date on Friday). This shows respect and ensures your date does not feel like a last minute thought or second choice.

Dating Manner 2: Be specific about the attire. If you don't know, find out and then call your date.

Dating Manner 3: Be prompt, do not leave your date waiting. Call or text if you are running late.

Dating Manner 4: Greet other family members, roommates or friends that answer the door. Introduce yourself, firm handshake, eye contact, first and last name.

Dating Manner 5: Take off your hat if you are wearing one before introducing self or saying hello.

Dating Manner 6: Wait to be invited into the home before entering.

Dating Manner 7: Wait to be seated until asked to sit.1drunk-guy

Dating Manner 8: Stand when your date or another adult enters the room.

Dating Manner 9: If offered a beverage, ask for a coaster before placing your drink down.

Dating Manner 10: Don't get drunk. If you're nervous because your date is really hot, excessive drinking is not the answer. You do not want to be remembered as the guy who passed out on the floor.

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Holiday Dating Manners For Girls


Holiday Dating Manners For Girls


Dating Manner #1: Ask a date to a party or event well in advance, at least three days notice or more.

Dating Manner #2: Be specific about the attire. If you don't know, find out and then call your date.

Dating Manner #3: Designate a driver or arrange to get a taxi.


Dating Manner #4: Keep your knees together when getting into a vehicle.

Dating Manner #5:Smile.

Dating Manner #6: If your date offers his arm to escort you, take it!

Dating Manner #7: Hold your own handbag.

Dating Manner #8: Say thank you when your date shows nice courtesies such as helping you with your coat, pulling out your

chair or helping you get into or out of a car.

Dating Manner #9: Refrain from pointing when speaking about someone or something.

Dating Manner #10: Allow your date to hail the cab and do the gentleman tasks.

Dating Manner #11: Be a good sport, try new things, smile.

Dating Manner #12: Drink in moderation or don't drink at all. A sloppy drunk is never attractive.

Holiday Dating Manners


Holiday Dating Manners


The holiday season is filled with parties and social festivities that offer the option to bring a date. Here are 12 manners to help make your holiday dating a merry success.


Holiday Dating Manner #1: Avoid flirting with other people.

Holiday Dating Manner #2: Introduce your date to others often. Tell people a little bit about your date so that they can pick up a conversation.Christmas-girl-200x300-under-mistletoe

Holiday Dating Manner #3: No over-the-top PDA (Public Display Of Affection) that will make others uncomfortable. A kiss under the mistletoe is perfectly acceptable.

Holiday Dating Manner #4: Smile.

Holiday Dating Manner #5: Act like you are having fun. Or, just have fun for goodness sake!

Holiday Dating Manner #6: If someone asks if you are boyfriend and girlfriend and this has not been determined yet say, "Well, we are here together so this is a start.'"Or, "Why do you ask?" If the person responds that they are curious say, "Oh."

Holiday Dating Manner #7: Don't leave your date without excusing yourself for a moment.

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Holiday Tipping Etiquette


Holiday Tipping Etiquette


The holiday season is a great time to show your appreciation to the people who serve you throughout the year. Listed below are guidelines for tipping your service professionals. Of course, the amount will vary depending on the level of service you receive and the depth of your relationship with each person.


Holiday Tip #1: Hairstylist – Cash equivalent to the average cost of one appointment.cash-gift

Holiday Tip #2: Garbage Collector - $20 and up depending on how much extra trash they take away for you. Consider the amount of lawn and yard clippings you typically leave in addition to regular trash, or if you just moved in and left a large amount of packaging and boxes.

Holiday Tip #3: Mail Carrier – Non-cash gifts up to $20 value. The U.S. Postal Service does not allow employees to receive cash. Food items and a thoughtful note make a nice gift.

Holiday Tip #4: Housekeeper/Cleaning Person - one week's pay for every year she/he has been with you up to 5 years.

Holiday Tip #5: Teacher – A small gift and a thoughtful note from you and your child. Some schools do not allow gift giving, check the rules.

Holiday Tip #6: Nanny – one week's salary for every year she/he has been with you up to 5 years.

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Holiday Party Manners For Guests

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Holiday Party Manners For Guests

1.    Always RSVP when you receive an invitation that asks you to do so.

2.    Call if you are running more than 15 minutes late to a dinner party. For a cocktail party, call if you will be more than 30 minutes late.

3.    Greet the hosts and introduce yourself to other guests.

4.    Hold beverages in your left hand to free up your right hand for shaking.

5.    Place appetizers in your napkin or on your plate before putting them in your mouth.

6.    Hold red wine around the bowl of the glass.

7.    Hold white wine or champagne by the stem.

8.    Refrain from wandering to private areas of a home.  If a door is closed, assume the room is off limits.

9.    Converse and mingle, be social.

10.                   Limit phone calls and texts to emergencies or if you are coordinating plans with friends you are meeting that evening. Step outside the party to place a call.  

11.                   Place used glasses and plates on designated table or put them in the kitchen

Thank the hosts before leaving and send a written thank you note. Bonus, include a photo from the party with your note!Holiday Party Manners For Guests


Holiday Party Manners For Guests


The holiday party season is upon us! Follow these 12 manners to ensure you are on top of your party guest politeness:


Party Guest Manner #1: Always RSVP when you receive an invitation that asks you to do so.

Party Guest Manner #2: Call if you are running more than 15 minutes late to a dinner party. For a cocktail party, call if you will be more than 30 minutes late.

Party Guest Manner #3: Greet the hosts and introduce yourself to other guests.

Party Guest Manner #4: Hold beverages in your left hand to free up your right hand for shaking.

Party Guest Manner #5: Place appetizers in your napkin or on your plate before putting them in your mouth.

Party Guest Manner #6: Hold red wine around the bowl of the glass.

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Manners For Hosting A Holiday Party


Manners For Hosting A Holiday Party


Host Manner #1: Be specific on your invitation about attire.

Host Manner #2: Avoid open ended parties, have a start and finish time.

Host Manner #3: Plan well and prep during the week leading up to your party, so you minimize stress and maximize time with guests.

Host Manner #4: Make sure your guests have refreshments throughout the party.

Host Manner #5: Napkichristmas-martini-glassesns should be given to guests as they are given a beverage or food.

Host Manner #6: Food is important, keep it flowing.

Host Manner #7: It is your responsibility to make your guests feel comfortable and ensure they are having a nice time.

Host Manner #8: Mingle and talk to all of your guests.

Host Manner #9: Introduce guests, tell them a little bit about each other or mention a common interest as a conversation starter.

Host Manner #10: Keep the music going.

Host Manner #11: Keep the powder room stocked.

Host Manner #12: Remember liability regarding drinking and driving. Keep the keys of overly festive guests and arrange for their transportation home.

Holiday Gift Giving Etiquette For The Office


Holiday Gift Giving Etiquette For The Office


Wondering what to bring to your office gift exchange? Is it appropriate to give your boss a holiday gift? Here are 12 tips to guide you through gift giving in the workplace with class and good cheer:

Office Gift Tgold-presentip #1: Check with colleagues or the HR Department to find out if there is a gift policy and what is acceptable or common in your workplace. Only give a gift to your boss if it is standard protocol. However, if it isn't standard it never hurts to give some baked goods in a nice tin with a festive card.

Office Gift Tip #2: If you are not aware of a workplace gift policy and HR is not helpful or non-existent, think about your office environment; is it formal or more casual and family-oriented? Make sure your gift reflects your business setting and isn't over the top. No one wants to come across as a kiss up!

Office Gift Tip #3: A group gift for you boss from the entire office avoids favoritism and takes the pressure off of finding the perfect gift. It may seem tacky to make everyone contribute or to exclude certain names on the card if they don't donate money toward the gift. So, get some feedback from your co-workers and then figure out which route to go.

Office Gift Tip #4: Do not feel pressured to give your boss a gift if he or she gives you one. (Although, it will be remembered as thoughtful.) The majority of bosses give gifts without the expectation of receiving one in return. Show your appreciation by writing a thank you note within 48 hours of receiving the gift. Promptness is key with thank you notes!

Office Gift Tip #5: Are you wondering what in the world to give your boss? Whatever you give, make sure it is thoughtful and appropriate. Aim for something personal and professional. Consider their hobbies or interests. You can get a lot of ideas by simply observing his/her office area. Usually you can tell what they do in their spare time through photos. Or, consider something that they could use in their office like a frame, candy bowl, coasters, paperweight, nice pen, etc. For instance, do they like more contemporary frames or more traditional? Do they like knick knacks or is their office very simple?

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Holiday Manners For House Guests With Kids


Holiday Manners For House Guests With Kids


Kid Gutraveling-with-kids3est Tip #1: Ask about house rules and follow the house rules. Set the expectation with your children in adv ance that rules may be a little different while visiting.

Kid  Guest Tip #2: Avoid running through house, yelling and loud voices.

Kid Guest Tip #3: Help with pr epping meals and cleaning up afterward.

Kid Guest Tip #4: Share.

Kid Guest Tip #5: Ask before using.

Kid Guest Tip #6: If you break or damage something, apologize profusely and pay for repairs or a replacement.

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Holiday Manners For Hosts


Holiday Manners for Hosts



Host Tip #1: Prepare your guests ahead of time on what they will need to bring.

Host Tip #2: Alert your guests of the proposed sleeping arrangements.

Host Tip #3: Confirm if your guests are bringing their furry family member and whether or not they need to bring a gate.

Host Tip #4: Discuss transportation with your guests.  Ask them if they need a ride from the airport and let them know if this works for you in terms of timing and space.

Host Tip #5: Let your guests know of any house rules for the children.

Host Tip #6: Have fresh towels laid out for your guests: one fresh face cloth, one hand towel and two large towels per every three days.

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Holiday House Guest Manners

Holiday House Guest Manners


1.  Ask before you leave if you can bring anything. If you are driving you will have more room to bring extra blankets, pillows or a blow  up  mattress.

2.  Pets are a sensitive issue. Remind your host that you are bringing your furry family member.

3.  Call ahead if you are going to be late. Let your host know if you will have already eaten or not.

4.  Take your shoes off when you arrive! It is difficult with so many guests over the holidays to keep the home clean and taking shoes off really helps!

5.  Show up with a gift.

6.  Help around the house to keep it tidy.

7.  Take the household out for dinner one night for every three that you stay. (Or, buy the food, prepare dinner, and clean it up.)

8.  Try to arrange outings daily away from the home, and bring all the kids, to give the hosts a break.

9.  Keep personal belongings confined.

10. Have a stern talk with your children before you arrive about being respectful, following house rules, keeping voices down etc.

11. Don’t make demands about sleeping quarters. You may need to sleep in the same room as your children even if this goes against your own rule.

12. Avoid helping your self to food in the fridge without asking; it may be for certain planned meals.



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