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The Elementary Etiquette Society is a prestigious etiquette school in  Chicago which was founded by etiquette expert, Celeste Jones. The school, which holds training and etiquette classes in Chicago and throughout the US, presents  a unique teaching style that is challenging, interactive, and exciting. The Elementary Etiquette Society, a top etiquette school in Chicago, is specifically designed for different organizations, corporate industries, multiple demographics, and clientele's specific interests, needs,  goals, and timelines nationwide.

The Elementary Etiquette Society  has different divisions that specialize in various types of clients and their requests. Each department is specifically oriented for each group and tailors the curriculum accordingly. Are you a large corporation seeking an etiquette expert for enhanced client relations, service excellence training and sales effectiveness? Or perhaps a university, prep or private school requesting workshops on interviewing and communication skills? Even if you make requests for private etiquette events, in-residence coaching, or youth programs, the  Elementary Etiquette Society in Chicago has a department that will cover each corporate, business, or personal interest and offers programs across the US.

Topics range in subject matter from people tools, emotional intelligence,  sales effectiveness and networking skills, increased self-confidence and social awareness, to overall refined presentation skills. Just click on the area of interest, and the Elementary Etiquette Society will detail programs and customize  requests to specifically accommodate your goals.

The Elementary Etiquette Society in Chicago continues to be instrumental in developing and administering curriculum that promotes self-confidence, enhances branding and financial success for businesses such as (but not limited to) private aviation, luxury resorts,  wealth management companies, prestigious medical facilities, top law firms, ivy league universities, private schools across the country, and young adults & children. The Elementary Etiquette Society in Chicago and nationwide, founded by Celeste Jones, etiquette expert,  is endorsed by various media sources such as Robb Report, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Black Tie Magazine, PBS, The South Florida Today Show, Boys and Girls Club, American Humane Society and others as displayed on the 'Media' tab.

Etiquette Classes In Chicago

Please be sure to look at our Chicago etiquette classes for kids information to learn about all the exciting options for teaching your children etiquette and manners. Learning social etiquette and good manners is an excellent way to boost your child's self confidence and ability to succeed in life. We offer etiquette classes for boys, and etiquette classes for girls right here in Chicago.
For more information about our training options and etiquette classes call us at (443) 362-6262 or use our convenient contact form.


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